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TLC Early Learning Center exists as a community-based mission of Trinity Lutheran Church, designed to provide developmentally appropriate childcare in a church setting where children of all faiths, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds are embraced, taught, and cared for, as a reflection of Christ’s love for all people. 


We are committed to...

  • Respecting individuality, while helping the child benefit from the group experience 

  • Promoting the growth of the whole child 

  • Employing teachers who demonstrate Christian values 

  • Supporting families as they meet the challenges of daily life 

  • Following fair hiring practices without regard to race, gender, ethnicity 

  • Providing childcare facilities that are clean, well maintained, and programs that are reasonably priced 


We believe that learning develops through doing and experiencing, rather than simple observation. Therefore, we seek to be developmentally appropriate in our activities so that each child can grow at their own rate of maturation, not necessarily related to their chronological age. We affirm that families are the greatest agents for nurturing the whole child and view Christian education to be the best tool that works hand-in-hand with the parents, not to shelter from the world, but to better prepare them for excelling in the world. 


TLC Early Learning Center is solely owned and operated by Trinity Lutheran Church. All policies for the center’s operation, as well as the center’s philosophy and budget, are determined by the Parochial School Board, which consists of members elected to their positions by the Voters' Assembly of Trinity Lutheran Church and who are accountable to the Trinity Lutheran Church Council. The Administrator and Teachers carry out the decisions of the Parochial School Board. 

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